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Control your paint hangar environment with Megadoor

Aerospace coatings have come a long way, from providing basic corrosion prevention to meeting the ever-increasing customer demand for high gloss mirror finishes and technically advanced military coatings. As coatings become more complex, so do the requirements that must be met during application – if the resulting product is to perform as engineered. It is critical to control the environment in which the aircraft are prepared, coated and cured in order to achieve a high-quality finish.

Doors are key to controlling the environment

When researching and designing their paint booths, organizations soon realize the importance of the door system in controlling the environment. The door is typically the primary source of air infiltration into the controlled environment. Most traditional metal doors leak like sieves. Gaps around the door perimeter and between metal sidings are difficult to seal. These gaps are the source of the majority of airborne particulates entering the facility. The non-conditioned air entering the booth also decreases the efficiency of the air handling systems, making them work harder or requiring investments in more powerful systems.

However, paint shop managers have found they can significantly reduce the impact of these costly issues by installing a Megadoor system.

Megadoor meets the highest requirements

The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door has the lowest level of air infiltration of any large door in the industry. The unique design utilizes a single, PVC-coated polyester fabric sheet that is attached to the exterior and interior of the door system. This eliminates any air infiltration through the door or at the door head.

The Megadoor fabric envelops the side guides, creating a unique, tight, double seal that does not require maintenance or replacement. The only maintainable seal on the entire door system is the heavy duty EPDM rubber bottom loop that seals the door to the floor. Together these features insure that air infiltration is low enough to make the Megadoor system an ideal fit for use by NASA in its satellite clean rooms.

Why you should use Megadoor for your paint hangars

  • Quality control – the Megadoor hangar door reduces the need for costly rework.
  • Energy savings – the Megadoor hangar door minimizes the costs to condition the paint booth.
  • Environmental benefits – the Megadoor hangar door helps reduce the amount of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) released into the atmosphere

The smart solutions for aerospace paint hangars


  • Architecture and engineering support
  • Reliable, safe operation
  • Comfort and security in any conditions
  • Cost-effective hangar door solutions

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