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Megadoor for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Megadoor has supplied hangar door solutions to MRO customers around the world since 1983, serving operations ranging from painting and line maintenance to heavy maintenance, overhauls and upgrades.

Megadoor opening solutions are preferred by MRO customers because they:

  • Are highly reliable – you can rely on the door to work and not disrupt operation.
  • Take less space in the building, do not ‘steal’ space from production, and are cost-effective in operation.
  • Provide a tight seal when closed, promoting a comfortable work environment while saving energy.
  • Create a good working environment – the translucent curtain lets in more light.
  • Minimizes bird infiltration.
  • Require no bottom rails.

There are many reasons to choose a Megadoor solution.

Here are just a few.

Architecture and engineering support

  • Practically no footprint. Compact design. Low weight on building structure
  • Easy to incorporate in your design process, whether new installation or a retrofit
  • Megadoor engineers support you right from the start of the consultation process
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Design flexibility for shaped hangars

Reliable, safe operation

  • Innovative design ensures long-term reliability
  • No springs or counterweights. Very few moving parts
  • Patented safety arrestor
  • Wind load always evenly distributed
  • Very little maintenance

Comfort and security in any conditions

  • Dual-layer fabric construction and unique weather-seals insulate and protect
  • Safety arrestor locks closed door in place
  • Pedestrian door access possible
  • Wide range of fabric and window alternatives permit natural-light work conditions

Cost-effective hangar door solutions

  • Fast and easy to operate, yet completely secure. High insulating value
  • Flexibility to design the hangar around the aircraft it will serve
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Very little maintenance needed
  • Professional preventive maintenance guarantees long and productive life

The smart way to keep your hangars efficient


  • Architecture and engineering support
  • Reliable, safe operation
  • Comfort and security in any conditions
  • Cost-effective hangar door solutions

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