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Multiple doors

Experience new dimensions

For certain applications, for example in Aviation, it is an advantage to split a large opening into two or more smaller openings using the patented Megadoor swing-up mullion system. This multiple door system offers increased flexibility in many building designs.

The Megadoor is designed with few moving parts and requires very little maintenance. Thanks to the unique design it is particularly suitable for environments with strong winds - the horizontal sections transfer the wind load to the vertical guides, which are attached to the building structure. The door can be designed to withstand almost any wind load by varying the size and spacing of the intermediate sections. There is almost no limitation to size or configuration. In multiple door design, daylight widths are unlimited.

The Megadoor slides up and down in weather-sealed vertical guides, which are attached to the building structure. It operates by lifting the bottom section upwards, thereby stacking the intermediate sections one on top of the other. The fabric folds into pleats on both sides.

Opening and closing speed depend on model and varies between 0.2-0.6 m/s.

Anti Drop Device Multiple Doors

Anti Drop Devices

The Megadoor door leaf has corrosion protected/stainless steel safety arresters, preventing the door from accidentally falling down. During normal operation they are activated at every opening and closing and will immediately stop and support the door in the event of a suspension element rupture.

A slack belt/rope breaker stops the drive unit in case of belt/rope rupture or if an obstruction should prevent the door from being closed.

The moveable mullions where provided, have a lifting motor with an over speed brake, preventing the mullion from falling in case of motor or primary brake failure.

Wind Locking

The safety arresters have a built-in wind lock, which is activated and locks the bottom beam when the door reaches its closed position. This locking makes the floor seal tight and stabilizes the bottom beam.

Intermediate aluminium beams

Intermediate aluminium beams

By varying the size and spacing of the intermediate horizontal beams the Megadoor can withstand virtually any wind load and still be weather-sealed.

Sensitive Edge

As standard the Megadoor types S800 and S1000 are equipped with a continuously monitored sensitive photoelectric safety edge of IR type at the bottom of the door. If the door hits any obstacle, it immediately stops and returns to its original position.

For safe closing of larger doors, the system requires a constant pressure on closing button incl observation during the operation.

Control system

A number of manual and automatic control systems for opening and closing commands are available - determined by required safety level.

Quality Assurance and Tests

The Company Megadoor AB is ISO-9001:2000 certified and the doors are CE-marked, complying with the principles and requirements of the standard EN 13241-1. The safety arresters used in all doors are tested by TÜV and BG certified.

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