Megadoor Reference Story - MRO: Qantas Airport – Brisbane, Australia
Qantas Airport - Brisbane, Australia
New hangar door, Improve efficiency

Qantas upgrades and protects its Brisbane business with a Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Qantas, which is based in Sydney and has its main hub at Sydney Airport, is the flag carrier airline of Australia. Yet due to fierce price competition in the international maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector, an increasing share of its aircraft maintenance has moved overseas. In light of this, Qantas decided to consolidate its Australian MRO operations in 2013. Qantas MRO resources in Victoria were to be relocated to Brisbane, where all heavy maintenance would now be performed. For this to happen, however, Hangar No. 2 at the Brisbane facility would need to be upgraded, which would include equipping it with a hangar door.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provided

For the door of Hangar No. 2, Qantas chose a Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. Measuring 110 m x 15.5 m, the door comprises five individual sections made of translucent PVC and is designed for wind loads as high as 3.5 kPa.
Because ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems was engaged directly by Qantas, the installation was carried out in tandem with the rest of the hangar upgrade. Suspending the door, with its weight of 70 metric tons, thus required a great deal of coordination with the main contractor's structural engineers.

Proof of performance

The Megadoor solution on Hangar No. 2 is the second of its type for Qantas in Brisbane, and the fourth such door supplied to Qantas by ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems over the past 10 years. Behind the repeat business is a solid track record of quality, reliability and performance under high windload conditions.


Customer Challenges:

Hangar No. 2 was more than 30 years old and no door had been included in its design. This was due to the hot and humid Australian climate, but the omission had often been a source of concern. Since Brisbane lies in an area with cyclonic winds, there was a desire to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions year-round. Any door fitted to the hangar would need to withstand the very high wind loads. Moreover, Qantas had a tight schedule to keep for the installation, with only one year's time between order and completion.


Benefits with the solutions:

With the Megadoor solution in place, Hangar No. 2 has gone from 30-year-old hangar to 21st-century maintenance facility. Protected from the elements by the door's tight sealing, the space is impervious to dust, dirt and Brisbane's cyclonic winds. Nonetheless, maximum use can be made of the natural light, thanks to the door's translucent fabric. This means a better working environment with greatly reduced electrical consumption costs.