Megadoor Reference Story - Heavy Industry, FlexSteel, Houston, TX, USA
Heavy Industry:
FlexSteel, Houston, TX USA
New door installation

Automated doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems help keep FlexSteel's business moving

FlexSteel is a revolutionary, flexible pipe technology developed for the production and transportation of oil and gas products. The FlexSteel product was born from more than 30 years of experience in tough offshore environments as the ideal solution for onshore and shallow water pipeline applications. Since the full production of Flexsteel started in 2005, they have expanded to serve a wide range of industries.


The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is stable, light and flexible. It places little load strain on buildings, and is suited for extraordinarily large openings. The Albany high performance M&I door is tough, fast and rugged. With its strong, rubber panel; heavy-duty, self-supporting steel side frames; and patented wind lock guide system, the M&I door provides resiliency against damage, extreme weather and high wind loads. "The Albany door allows us to continue business in inclement weather," says Jenkins. "We can move smaller, empty shipping reels in and out of the facility through the high speed door without exposing our product to the elements."

Megadoor Reference Story - Heavy Industry: FlexSteel, Houston TX, USA
Challenges / Critical Issues


FlexSteel pipes are incredibly large. Their production facility in Houston, TX requires a door that allows them to ship spool pipe up to 24' in diameter. FlexSteel turned to ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems for a Megadoor industrial door system, and a high speed Albany UltraBig M&I door. "The Megadoor was chosen for the low door weight to height required for our facility. The Albany door was chosen for the rapid opening speed," explains David Jenkins, FlexSteel plant manager.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provided:

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provided FlexSteel with two of the best automated doors on the market from recognized brands with experience serving customers in harsh, industrial environments. The products from the Megadoor and Albany brands will allow FlexSteel's business to function smoothly on a day to day basis, and continue to grow over time.