Megadoor Reference Story - Steel Industry, Bladt Industries A/S
Steel Industry:
Bladt Industries A/S
New door installation

Installation of Megadoor systems for a brighter and safer working area

Bladt Industries, located in Aalborg, is an international steel contractor specializing in large-scale and highly complex steel structures. They operate in three key areas of business: providing steel solutions for the wind and renewable energy sector, for the oil and gas industry and for infrastructural projects.

Due to their large variety of complex steel structure, Bladt Industries need to be efficient, on-time and deliver first-class quality products. Before this new installation, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems already had several Megadoor systems on site but thanks to a great confidence, reliability and proven robust, safe and effective opening solutions - ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems got the opportunity to install three more Megadoor systems for the building where the steel construction are painted.


  • Brighter working environment
  • Increased worker comfort and safety
  • Energy cost saving
  • Withstand high windloads: Megadoor is designed to withstand at least 4.0 kPa windload.


Henrik Jensen, Department Manager for Bladt Industries A/S: "We are very happy with the Megadoors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. The translucent fabric give a lot of light in the building. The doors are reliable and can stand high wind pressure, at the same time as the safety arrestors give high safety for our employees."

Megadoor Reference Story - Steel Industry: Bladt Industries A/S, Aalborg, Denmark
Challenges / Critical Issues


  • Resistance to high winds and hostile environments
  • Safety for operators
  • Lighter working environment
  • Energy cost savings

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provided:

  • 3 Megadoor systems. The size of each Megadoor is 29 x12 meter.
  • Translucent fabric
  • Totally customized system
  • Design, installation and commissioning