Megadoor Reference Story - Aviation: Sterling Airways, Copenhagen Airport
Goldsmith Aviation – Copenhagen Airport
Reskinned hangar door

Reliable quality, long durability and lifetime with Megadoor system


In 1988, a new installation of Megadoor vertical lifting doors for Sterling Airways A/S was completed at Copenhagen Airport, Denmark. The total dimension of the Megadoor system is 103 meter wide, comprising seven individually or jointly manoeuvrable door leaves (7/15/17 meter high) connected by swing-up mullions. This type of solution maximized the width of the frontal entrance for moving aircraft in and out.

Later on, when NorthStar Aviation took over the hangar, a Tail Dock was added over door number three and four (see image below) to adapt and adjust to their needs.

In 2012, the doors were re-skinned as a part of an upgrade of the building for a new tenant, Goldsmith Aviation. The job was only cosmetic, and with the exception of the fabric, the hangar is still the 25 year old door (see images below).

Proven fact

Megadoor systems has a proven long life cycle, constructed from reliable and robust materials, that minimizes maintenance. A door system that has lasted for 25 years, in a harsh environment, and still going strong is a proof of great quality in architechture, material and maintenance.


The Megadoor systems are easy to adapt to the customers design, with a wide range of colours to choose from and the option to get your logotype on the fabric. With a Megadoor system, you get long lasting functionalibility and efficiency with high recognition factor - a complete package.


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems strive to keep providing a low-maintenance and reliable operation to get the most out of our door opening systems. With a Megadoor system, you can feel confident that you have invested in a durable and secure solution, customized to your specific needs. To meet our customers drive for energy efficiency and carbon reduction; Megadoor can also supply a translucent curtain that will greatly increase the natural light into the building, while reducing these elements.