Megadoor Reference Story - Aviation: Falcon Aviation Services – Abu Dhabi
Falcon Aviation Services – Abu Dhabi
New hangar door

A tight sealing door, for a very hot and dusty environment.

Megadoor was tasked with providing a tight sealing door, which is suitable for an air-conditioned hangar in a very hot and dusty environment.

The door had to be designed to accommodate a wide range of aircraft, up to and including the Airbus A-340


  • Fast opening and closing times
  • Very tight sealing
  • Low maintenance requirements


The completed hangar door is an ascetically good design, with no side pockets, which has been well received by the customer and is fulfilling all of the requirements, which were specified in the original design criteria.

Challenge and solution


  • Abu Dhabi has a very hot climate, with daylight temperatures ranging, from 20 to 50 degrees C.
  • During certain times of the year, they have high winds, with high levels of dust inside the hangar

Megadoor provided:

  • A Megadoor, multiple door system in five sections, 83m wide and 18.5m tall (mid-section.)
  • A locally based service, with design assistance, technical advice and installation
  • On time delivery and installation
  • After sales assistance and a maintenance contract