Megadoor Reference Story - Aviation: JAA / FSCJ Aircraft Services Educational Facility
JAA / FSCJ Aircraft Services Educational Facility
New hangar door

Megadoor proudly provided the hangar doors for the new 120,000 sq ft (11 150 sqm) Florida State College at Jacksonville's Aircraft Services Facility.

The three-bay hangar with adjoining classroom space is jointly owned and operated by Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) and Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA). Flightstar Aircraft Services, an aviation MRO provider, leases approximately 95% of the facility.

Pond & Company was commissioned by FSCJ to design the facility and prepare a Design-Build Request for Proposal for the new $14.6 million Aircraft Coating Education Facility. One of the initial challenges was to design a cost effective three-bay hangar. Originally, bottom rolling doors were considered, but the additional side room required for the door pockets significantly increased the building cost. Consideration was given to eliminating the door pockets and rolling the hangar doors that needed to be opened in front of the adjacent hangar bay. However, this facility would have multiple tenants and it was not reasonable to allow one tenant's operations to be affected every time an adjacent bay had to be opened. We were consulted about these issues and were able to present the Pond team with the vertical lifting Megadoor solution, which would elegantly eliminate the need for door pockets, allowing for a compact, cost effective design. The Megadoor design would also allow all three hangar bays to be opened without affecting the adjacent bay.

After these concerns were addressed, the team's attention turned to the Coating Bay. A low air infiltration door system is critical to ensuring a high quality paint job and minimizing the size of the air handlers and filtration needed to meet EPA regulations. After reviewing in detail the unique double side seals of the Megadoor, and comparing expected air infiltration to traditional bottom rolling doors, the Megadoor systems were specified for the entire project.

After competing against five teams, Dana B Kenyon was awarded the project. "Basically, what we did was we teamed early on with our subcontractors and the design team of RS&H during the bidding process to get the most competitive design/build package," explains Jamison Chattin, Dana B. Kenyon Co. vice president and senior project manager. "We also conferred with Nucor Building Systems on the pre-engineered metal building system and Megadoor for the hangar doors that would be used for the facility. We had early design meetings with them, even before we got the job,trying to figure out better ways to build the mousetrap – how to do it cheaper and more efficiently. That was our approach, and those guys were integral to getting this job."


  • Cost effective facilities: The vertical lifting Megadoor does not require side room for door pockets, allowing architects to design more compact, efficient facilities with a lower overall project investment.
  • Environmental control: With their unique seals, the Megadoor systems are used on clean rooms and coating facilities around the world, where low air infiltration is critical. On the FSCJ coatings bay, the Megadoor minimizes the infiltration of exterior airborne particulate contaminates that might ruin paint jobs. The Megadoor also facilitates maintaining proper temperaturesand humidity inside the coating bay, which is critical to coating quality and application/ curing cycle times. Through its low air infiltration, the Megadoor saves money on costly coating rework while increasing productivity by lowering application and curing times. Lastly, since the Megadoor has lower air infiltration values than other door systems, HVAC systems can be sized for lower air volumes, reducing initial equipment investment and lowering utility costs.
  • Natural Day lighting: The Megadoor systems for the FSCJ project were specified with translucent fabric, which allows 10% of the natural light to enter the facility. This soft diffused light creates an excellent work environment for the technicians. This natural daylight also reduces artificial lighting and energy costs.

Challenge and solution


  • Cost Effective Facilities- Invest in modern, efficient facilities that will assist in training tomorrow's aviation workforce, while minimizing capital investment.
  • Coating Bay Environmental Control- Provide a low air infiltration door system that will serve as an environmental barrier between the hot and humid Jacksonville summers and the environmentally controlled coatings bay.
  • Hurricane Wind Zone- Provide a door system with a history of surviving hurricanes and independently certified engineering calculations proving the door system can meet the local hurricane wind load codes.

Megadoor provided:

  • Hangar door design and technical assistance with the structural integration of the door system into the building.
  • Door engineering calculations independently certified and stamped by a Florida Professional Engineer.
  • One Megadoor system 166' wide x 55'/28' high (50,5 m x 18/9) accommadates up to a 767. Two Megadoor Systems 135' x 50'/28' high (43,2 m x 16/9) accommodates up to a 757. Each door system consists of three individually operated door leafs and two retractable mullions. Installation, commissioning and yearly preventive maintenance.