Megadoor Reference Story - MRO: Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT)
Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies
New hangar door

Creating the right environment, for a major MRO

Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) is the largest independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO) in the Middle East, and a member of Mubadala Aerospace global MRO network. ADAT earned the title of "Best Airframe MRO Provider - Middle East and Africa" at the 2011 Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance Awards.

In 2011 ADAT inaugurated a new hangar. This state-of-the-art facility was designed and built by Aircraft Support industries (ASI). They utilized a unique triangular design for the facility, to increase operational flexibility, centralize workshops and reduce construction costs while increasing hangar square footage, compared to conventional designs. The hangar covers 32,000 square meters and can accommodate (3) A380 aircraf t simultaneously.

The air conditioned facility boasts special design features, such as work teleplatforms, utility floor pits and translucent vertical lifting fabric hangar doors. Since Megadoor began supplying doors to the United Arab Emirates in 1999, we have installed over 200 door systems. Over the years they have proven durable, reliable, energy efficient and able to keep out the fine dust common in desert environments. In 2008, ADAT chose to install their first Megadoor on a new wide body hangar, instead of a traditional bottom rolling door utilized on all their older hangars. This successful installation clearly established the value of the Megadoor solution, and a few years later, ADAT decided to use Megadoor systems in their impressive 3-bay Hangar 6.

Megadoor provided:

  • One Megadoor multiple door systems,sized 100 m x 26 m and 115 m x 26 m
  • Locally based services; design assistance, technical advide and installatio
  • Translucent fabric to allow more natural light into the hangar, which improved the working environment
  • On time delivery and installation
  • After sales assistance and a maintenance contract, undertaken by locally based technicians
  • 24/7 emergency service


  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Industry leading seals keep out the desert dust and sand
  • Proven reliability
  • Natural lighting
  • Local service and support


ADAT's Hangar 6 investment in additional MRO capacity at their Abu Dhabi base allows them to expand profitably. The client is happy with the operational and energy efficiency investments further positioning ADAT as a Global MRO leader.

Challenge and solution


  • Increase worker productivity: Temperatures in Abu Dhabi can reach 45 C with high humidity. To be productive, the massive new hangar needed to be climate controlled. In order to cost effectively climate control it, the latest technology and systems were employed. Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling was used to analyze various systems' energy efficiency in the hangar. These analyses covered the Megadoor systems as well, which were compared to traditional bottom rolling doors and found to offer vastly superior energy efficiency.
  • Desert Conditions: Fine desert dust seems to coat just about everything in Abu Dhabi and blowing sand or sandstorms are not uncommon. Keeping sensitive aviation electronics, engines and other aircraf t components from being affected by the dust and sand can be a costly challenge. The unique seals used by the Megadoor systems have been proven to not only minimize air infiltration, but to also drastically reduce dust and sand infiltration compared to bottom rolling doors, whose design makes them difficult to seal. Furthermore, the doors do not require a bottom rail system which requires regular cleaning.
  • Reliability: For over 25 years Megadoor has supplied doors for military, rescue and Head-of-State hangars around the world. In fact, the UAE Air force has over 150 Megadoor systems. Our exceptional performance track record in some of the world's toughest environments will instill confidence in your crews and keep your operations moving.
  • Natural Lighting: Translucent fabric was specified on the Megadoor systems to allow ten percent of the natural light into the hangar. The soft, diffused light creates a great wor k env i ronment for the technicians and reduces lighting costs.
  • Service: With the economic boom in the Gulf States, companies from around the world are eager to export their products to the Middle East. Unfortunately, sometimes this comes at a significant cost in time and resources when there is a need for local support or service on these imported product. Megadoor , on the other hand, in the UAE is sold, installed and serviced 24/7 by Crawford Middle East in Dubai. Both Megadoor and Crawford are global brands of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.