Megadoor Reference Story - Mining: Oyu Tolgoi, Gobi of Mongolia
Oyu Tolgoi, Gobi of Mongolia
New crane door, Improve efficiency

Reliable door performance in a tough environment

Megadoor Reference Story - Mining: Oyu Tolgoi, Gobi of Mongolia

The world's largest undeveloped copper deposit, which also turns out to include significant deposits of gold and silver, is located in the Gobi of Mongolia at a site called Oyu Tolgoi, which means "Turquoise Hill". The Oyu Tolgoi site is the signature feature of Ivanhoe Mine's flagship project. The concentrator's quickly evolving shape is a barometer of the pace of the full-scale construction now underway on what will be one of the world's largest copper, gold and silver mining complexes. The concentrator initially will process 100,000 tonnes of ore per day mined from the open pit, increasing to up to 160,000 tonnes a day when ore from the underground mine is added in 2015. During the first 10 years of production, the complex will produce a projected average of 1.2 billion pounds of copper, 650,000 ounces of gold and three million ounces of silver – every year.


  • Withstand high wind loads: Megadoor is designed to withstand at least 1.8KPa wind load, which was the customer requirement. The Megadoor system has now successfully operated in the mine for one year without any problems.
  • Performing in extreme environments:
    • Working in lower temp: The door leaf can work in -35°C, and with a special North Arctic fabric, it works in even lower temperatures. The Megadoor systems keep all equipment working well inside the building.
    • Working in sand/dust environments: A Megadoor system is free of any cracks, hinges, and ground tracks, which could be damaged by sand or dust, obstructing the operations. Megadoor uses high IP level components. The unique design makes the door resistant to extreme environments.
    • Air Tight, Good Sealing, Energy Savings: The Megadoor systems special U rubber design on the bottom beam, and special design between side track and fabric, allow the door to fit into the building with no gaps and great sealing. This is particularly important for truck workshop and mineral processing workshops, since they need a constant temperature and a clean environment to operate properly. The Megadoor system is equipped with translucent fabric to let in natural daylight. This improves the work environment and reduces costs for electric lighting.
  • Reliable and Low Maintenance: The Megadoor utilizes high quality components and it is engineered and to be simple; reducing common wear items such as rubber seals, rollers, hinges and counterbalance systems. The simple design minimizes moving parts, ensuring long life and minimal ownership costs. All electrical components have a high IP class, which makes the operation system safe and reliable. A Megadoor system is very low maintenance and easy to repair. With a stock of recommended spare par ts, it can be repaired by the customer's service team, so your operations can run continuously.


Thanks to the reliable operation of a Megadoor system, more than 50 doors have been ordered for the Oyu Tolgoi site.

Challenges / Critical Issues


  • High Wind load: Wind speed in the Gobi desert can reach up to 200 km/h. Doors need to withstand the wind loads of hurricanes.
  • Cold Weather: Winter temperature in the Gobi desert can reach as low as -35~ -40° C. All building facilities and equipments must perform at extremely low temperatures.
  • Excessively dusty condition: The dust and sand in Gobi desert makes the building dif ficult to keep clean. The workshop needs to stay clean for equipment/truck repairs and maintenance.
  • No immediate service: Immediate service is dif ficult to achieve in the deep desert. All facilities need to be reliable and stable. Highly reliable equipment with low service and maintenance needs help keep downtime to a minimum..

Megadoor provided:

  • 1 Megadoor S800 in lube storage size, 4000x4000mm
  • 1 Megadoor S800 in welding and machine shop size, 4500x4500mm
  • 2 Megadoor S1000 in wash bay size, 5000x5000mm
  • 2 Megadoor S1500 in welding and tire shop, size 8000x8500mm
  • 12 Megadoor S1500 in truck shop size, 12000x10600mm
  • 7 Megadoor S800 in mineral processing workshop various size
  • 9 Megadoor S1000 in mineral processing workshop various size
  • Locally based services; design assistance, technical advice and installation
  • Translucent fabric to allow more natural light into the hangar, which improved the working environment
  • On time delivery and installation
  • After sales assistance and a maintenance contract, undertaken by locally based technicians