Megadoor Reference Story - Heavy Industry: China Nuclear Power Petrochemical Business Group, China
Heavy Industry:
China Nuclear Power Petrochemical Business Group, China
New crane door, Improve efficiency

Megadoor meets the requirements of China First Heavy Industries

China Nuclear Power PetrochemicalBusiness Group, located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, is affiliated to China First Heavy Industries. The company covers an area of 250,000 m2, owns a 5000-ton dock and three workshops with a combined area of 75,000 m2. It is a specialized heavy duty manufacturing base and its major products cover the nuclear reactor RPV, the hydrogenated reactor (forged welding and plate welding), large heat exchangers, etc. The company has provided heavy duty products for the development of the national energy industry. Its major products account for most of the market in China. It’s a high technology enterprise accredited by the state council.

Megadoor Reference Story - Heavy Industry: China Nuclear Power Petrochemical Business Group, China


  • Excellent sealing performance.
  • Cost saving: no need to change the building structure and no need to invest in another crane.
  • Energy saving: door design allows partial opening, which minimizes the air flow and lowers energy consumption.

Why you should choose Megadoor:

  • Megadoor is proven to have excellent sealing performance as it is installed in many painting workshops and clean rooms with very high demands on low particle infiltration.
  • The Megadoor design facilitated structuralintegration of the door system with the existing workshop.
  • The Megadoor design allows the crane tobe used both in the workshop and outside, eliminating the need for a second crane. The Megadoor system seals tightly around the crane to minimizing the airflow.
  • Megadoor has a mullion system that allows partial opening of the door. This minimizes the air flow and ensures a pleasant working environment in the clean room.

Challenge and solution


  • A class 100,000 clean room will be built in the general assembly workshop, which demands a partition door with good sealing properties.
  • Other workshops are located just beside the general assembly workshop and the ceiling height is limited. The design of the door must allow smooth transportation.
  • The workshop usually stores heavy components and an overhead moving crane will be installed in the clean room for transporting these components.
  • It must be possible to move the crane through the door. Having a second crane on the outside is too costly.
  • When small components are transported, the door should open only partially to minimize the air flow.

Megadoor provided:

  • One crane door 35,28/8 m width x 8,1/30,8 h height m (1389/315 x 318,9/1213 in)
  • Hangar door design and technical assistance with the structural integration of the door system into the building.
  • Color of the fabric: Grey