Megadoor Reference Story - Civil Aviation: The Baita Hangar — Hohhot Airport, China
Civil Aviation:
Hothot Airport, China
New hangar door, Improve efficiency

Reliable performance and project management in an extremely cold area

The Baita Hangar is located in the Hohhot Airport, providing the maintenance base for the airplanes of Air China. As an airplane parking and maintenance site, the hangar is the most important infrastructure at the airport. The building was designed by CAPDI, constructed by Beijing Jinggang Group, and monitored by Guwanhe Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. The hangar covers nearly 46,000 m2 and provides the maintenance area for B737-300, B737-800 and Airbus 319 airplanes. The building also facilitates components storage and houses a library, workshop, engineer rest room and training room.


  • Smooth operation: the Megadoor system’s excellent sealing properties allow maintenance to be performed at low temperature and in windy conditions
  • Safety issues are eliminated: the seamless door design provides a clean working environment and reduces the maintenance risk.
  • Cost-effective solution: experienced engineers with excellent project management skills ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Why you should choose Megadoor:

  • Reliability – The Megadoor system operates reliably also at low temperature.
  • Tight sealing – Its excellent sealing properties prevent dust and sand from reaching airplane parts during maintenance, eliminating this safety issue. It also ensures that the hangar maintains a pleasant working environment also during the winter and windy seasons.
  • Project management- The Megadoor team provided a one-stop-shop solution for dismantling, transportation and re-installation.

Challenge and solution


  • Hohhot is located in northern China where the winter period normally lasts for six months and the temperature can reach as low as -30 °C. Maintenance under such cold conditions can be very difficult, especially during windy weather.
  • In the spring and autumn it’s very windy and dusty in Hohhot. Sand can easily blow into most parts of the plane during maintenance, causing safety problems.
  • Since the Megadoor does not require any rail system in the concrete or above the door as required by traditional bottom rolling doors to complete Megaddor system was completely reused from a previous hangar that was being demolished. It was dismantled, placed in storage for a few years and reinstalled in the new hangar by Megadoor technicans who properly coordinated and executed the project.

Megadoor provided:

  • Hangar door design and technical assistance with the structural integration of the door system into the building.
  • One 41,7m wide x 13/7 m high (1642 x 511,8/275,6 in) Megadoor system
  • Wind Load: 1.0 KPa Megadoor system
  • Color of the fabric: Blue/ Grey