Megadoor Reference Story -MRO/Paint operation: Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Company, Ltd. (GAMECO)
MRO/Paint operation:
New hangar doors, Improve efficiency

Megadoor helps GAMECO to run efficient operations at one of the largest hangars in China

Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Company, Ltd. (GAMECO) is a premier provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services based at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China. Established in 1989, GAMECO is a joint venture between China Southern Airlines, and Hutchison Whampoa. As an MRO jointly approved by CAAC, FAA, EASA and many other aviation authorities in the Asia Pacific region, GAMECO is capable to performing multi-levels of aircraft maintenance checks for most Boeing and Airbus Aircraft. GAMECO also has an advanced aircraft Component Business Center (CBC), providing a wide range of component repair services. GAMECO maintains the fleet of China Southern’s 422 aircraft, which is the largest Chinese airline and the sixth largest in the world. In addition to China Southern, GAMECO has a customer base of over forty domestic and international carriers and aircraft leasing companies. In order to meet client demand, GAMECO invested over 100 million USD in a new state of the art hangar that opened in 2004. This new hangar, which is the largest truss structure hangar in China, is 400 meters long and 133 meters wide. With 96,000 square meters of space, it can accommodate four wide-body aircraft (two Airbus A380 and two Boeing B747), or twelve narrow-body aircraft (such as Boeing B757, 737 and Airbus A320) undergoing maintenance at the same time. Aside from the main hangar facility, the company also has a dedicated paint hangar, which is designed for accommodating one wide-body or two narrowbody aircraft. It is thus the only hangar in China that integrates MRO and paint operation.

The massive facility was built by an Australian company headed by Mark Langbein, which partnered with China Aviation and Construction Development Co. Mark’s team had previously built aircraft hangars featuring Megadoor systems, and as such they were confident that the door technology was the best for this project. However, since the CAPDI team was unfamiliar with Megadoor, a group of engineers travelled to the United States to fully understand the technology. They worked with Megadoor engineers, toured the factory in USA and Sweden, inspected the quality of the manufacturing process and met various Megadoor customers to ensure Megadoor was the best door system for GAMECO.


  • Megadoor systems are stable, secure and reliable, and fully support the hangar’s MRO and paint operations.
  • With Megadoor, less maintenance is needed while maintaining high safety, low operating cost and quick ROI
  • Without door pockets, all clear opening space can be fully used, minimizing the footprint and construction cost.
  • High typhoon resistance to ensure the hangar security and reliability under harsh weather, reducing operational risk.
  • With the Megadoor swing-up mullions, doors can be opened and closed flexibly to accommodate different aircrafts and vehicles in order to optimize the MRO operations. For example, during the APU test, aircraft tail can be outside the hangar to avoid blast and exhaust fumes within the hangar.
  • Twenty-four hour service with a response time of less than one hour.
  • Quarterly maintenance on all the Megadoors to ensure maximum reliability.

Why you should choose Megadoor:

  • Reliability – Megadoor understands that aircraft movement delays due to door problems can be extremely costly to airlines and repair stations. This is why we take great pride in providing door systems for world class MROs, rescue and mission critical military hangars in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.
  • Life Cycle Support – Megadoor is proud to have built the world’s largest network of independent and company owned distributors and service providers in the industry. In Guangzhou, Crawford Door, a sister company of Megadoor, provides twentyfour hour service with a response time of less than one hour to GAMECO’s facilities. They perform quarterly maintenance on all the Megadoor systems, to ensure maximum reliability and to address pro-actively any small maintenance issues. Crawford Door has six offices throughout China and services most major cities and industrial zones.

Challenge and solution


  • Build an MRO facility that provides a high level of quality and service that cost effectively maximizes the productivity of the skilled workforce.
  • Provide a low maintenance, high security and reliable facility.
  • Reliable operation in a high wind-load, high humidity, high temperature, and rainy climate.
  • Provide a workspace that allows maximum flexibility of aircraft arrangement.
  • Insulation requirement for painting hangar.
  • Low air infiltration for the paint hangar.

Megadoor provided:

  • Hangar door design and technical assistance with the structural integration of the door system into the building.
  • Two 95.5m wide × 16/26m high (313’ × 53’/85’) Megadoor systems consisting of five individually operated door leafs and four retractable mullions.
  • One 145m wide × 16/26m high (475’ × 53’/85’) Megadoor system consisting of seven individually operated door leafs and six retractable mullions.
  • Installation and commissioning.