Megadoor Reference Story - Commercial Aviation: Toluca Airport, Mexico
Commercial Aviation:
Toluca Airport, Mexico
New hangar door, Improve efficiency

Megadoor improves conditions inside Interjet's hangar

Founded in December 2005, low-cost carrier Interjet is today Mexico’s second largest airline. It flies a fleet of A320’s and it is the first carrier in the Americas to have ordered the Sukhoi Super 100 Jet. Interjet is headquartered in Toluca and operates out of Mexico City International Airport and Toluca Airport. In 2009 Interjet opened its new maintenance hangar at Toluca Airport. Airbus advised Interjet’s engineers and technicians as they designed the hangar. Interjet invested 10 million USD in this single position A320 hangar, incorporating modern equipment with the goal of maximizing quality and efficiency in its operations. In addition to maintaining the Interjet fleet, the facility also offers third-party MRO services.

The client first learned about Megadoor after seeing an installation at Denver Jet Center in Centennial, Colorado. Thinking the Megadoor might be a good fit for their new facility, they called Megadoor to arrange for the design team to visit a local installation. A group of eight, including representatives for Pro Con Inc, the design-build contractor, toured the Rhode Island Air National Guard Megadoors and grilled the Base Civil Engineer about the door system’s performance. The visit gave the group confidence to switch from traditional bottom rolling doors favored by some team members to the Megadoor


  • Increased worker comfort and productivity - The sun is strong in Toluca, which is located at an elevation of 2580 m (8466 ft). The translucent fabric option chosen for this Megadoor allows 10% of the abundant natural light to enter the hangar. This soft, natural light is much easier on the technicians’ eyes than the harsh artificial light. Additionally, the translucent fabric effectively acts as a sun shade, which provides relief from the sun’s strong rays while maintaining ground-level ventilation.
  • Aesthetics – Interjet is known for a crisp, clean and modern brand image, which is implemented throughout the facility. The Megadoors on the facility complement this brand image. Customers and guests touring the facility are instantly impressed by the daylight streaming through the Megadoors to provide a light, airy feeling. This impression provides a stark contrast to the older generation of dimly lit hangars most people are accustomed to visiting.
  • Reduced electrical and lighting costs - The translucent fabric of the Megadoor in combination with the skylights in the hangar roof allows technicians to work on aircraft without artificial light during the daytime, which not only improves productivity but also results in significant energy savings and reduces the hangar’s carbon footprint.
  • Reliability - Megadoor understands that aircraft movement delays due to door problems can be extremely costly to the airline and repair station. This is why we take great pride in providing door systems for world class MRO’s, rescue and missioncritical military hangars in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Challenge and solution


  • Build an MRO facility that provides a level of quality and service similar to those found in American or European facilities and which effectively maximizes the productivity of the skilled workforce and leverages their low cost structure.
  • Provide a low-maintenance and reliable facility that minimizes dependence on non-domestic support.

Megadoor provided:

  • Hangar door design and assistance with the structural integration of the door system with the building
  • One 45 m (w) × 13 m (h) Megadoor system consisting of 3 individually operated door leafs and two retractable mullions
  • Installation and commissioning