Megadoor - Shipyard; Trinity Yacth, New Orleans, LA, USA
Trinity Yacth, New Orleans, LA, USA
Large door installation, Improve efficiency

Megadoor challenge

Trinity Yachts in New Orleans, LA., a major manufacturer of luxury yachts and boats, needed to increase production at their facility by performing the finishing task in a controlled environment. By adding large doors to an existing three-bay building, the interior could be heated for proper finishing and ventilated as needed. The yachts could then be removed by large cranes upon completion.

Megadoor solution

Several door manufacturers were contacted but only MEGADOOR could meet the criteria of Trinity Yachts. The doors had to cover the entire opening width and height, withstand the corrosiveness of the sea air, protect the interior from inclement weather, allow workers to control the environment inside the facility by using door position, and install within a confined building area. MEGADOOR engineers provided the general contractor and building manufacturer with the necessary design assistance and installed the door within the timeframe requested by the owner.

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