Megadoor – Heavy Industry: Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, China
Heavy Industry:
Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, China
Crane door installation

Megadoors´ solutions fits large-scale manufacturing plant

Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd (DFHM) was founded in 2004 as a world-class manufacturer of large and complex components for nuclear power generation and petrochemical plants. The parent company, Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), is listed by the State Council, Assets Supervision and Administration Committee as one of the 53 key state-owned enterprises critical to China’s national security and economy. China is emphasizing nuclear power generation as one of the ways to reduce pollution from traditional coalfired power plants and to meet the country’s rapidly growing energy demands.

Megadoor – Heavy Industry: Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, China

The construction of the DFHM manufacturing facility was an important project for China, signaling to the world its new heavy industrial capabilities. China United Engineering Corporation designed the facility and was awarded the China Civil Engineering Society Zhan Tianyou Award, which is the country’s highest engineering award. This was the first time the award was given for an industrial project and shares honors with other world-renowned Chinese projects such as the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), National Swimming Center (Water Cube) and Beijing International Airport Terminal 3. The first phase of the manufacturing plant required a massive door that would allow a 1 400 ton overhead crane to exit the building to unload large rough materials and load finished components onto transport ships. After reviewing all their options, the design team chose Megadoor to supply the crane door.


  • Quality and reliability – Megadoor is the world leader in supplying large, complex door systems for heavy industry. Over the last 25 years, Megadoor has earned a reputation for quality products, performing reliably, in the world’s harshest environments. Managers in steel mills, shipyards, military bases and manufacturing plants across the globe count on Megadoor overhead crane doors in their production process.
  • Cost of ownership – The Megadoor is engineered for high-cycle usage by minimizing the amount of moving parts and wear items in the door system. Additionally, the majority of door components are manufactured out aluminum and PVC-coated polyester fabric, which eliminates corrosion costs and painting, making Megadoor the clear choice for marine environments.
  • Building loads – The strong but lightweight aluminum and PVC-coated polyester fabric construction minimizes the weight of the Megadoor system and loads imposed on a building structure. Other crane door systems manufactured out of steel cost substantially more to support.
  • Support – Megadoor is a part of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Solutions, which also includes the globally recognized Crawford brand for door and docking solutions. We have built the most extensive service organization in the industry with over 50 skilled Crawford service engineers in China who are ready to provide scheduled preventive maintenance as well as urgent repairs. In China, we have seven strategically located offices, including our Guangzhou office that supports DFHM.

Megadoor – Heavy Industry: Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, China
Challenge and solution


  • Reliability – The crane door is opened regularly and is a critical part of the production process. If the crane door is inoperable, the negative financial impact from production or shipping delays will be significant.
  • Cost of ownership – Minimize maintenance costs associated with regular usage in a corrosive marine environment.
  • Building loads – The loads imposed by the crane door on the building structure can add significant construction costs.
  • Support – Local support for service, parts and preventative maintenance.

Megadoor provided:

  • Overhead crane door design and facilitated the structural integration of the door system with the building.
  • (1) 3-part overhead crane door system. Center door dimensions are 28 m clear width × 32.8 m clear height (92’ × 108’). When the crane rail doors and mullions are opened, they allow a 35.5 m (116’) wide crane to move in and out of the building.
  • Project coordination, installation, after-sales support and quarterly preventative maintenance provided by Crawford China’s local Guangzhou office.