Megadoor – Mining: Trapper Mining, USA
Trapper Mining Inc., Craig Colorado, USA
Large door installation, Cost efficiency, Energy efficiency

Most efficient building methods to construct a new truck maintenance facility.

Located in northeastern Colorado, this privately owned surface mining operation has been exploiting its significant reserves of bituminous coal for local electrical production since 1977. The site has received positive recognition from environmentalists for its successful and progressive reclamation programs, which have seen the reintroduction of various flora and fauna. This progressive attitude also came into play as Trapper Mining looked into the most efficient building methods to construct a new truck maintenance facility.


  • With its double layered fabric and positive seals, Megadoor ensures a complete atmosphere isolation while in the closed position, and thereby reduces energy costs and eliminates dust infiltration.
  • The translucent fabric allows natural light in, reducing electrical costs and increasing worker comfort and productivity.
  • Fast and reliable service due to the innovative Megadoor design.

Megadoor – Mining: Trapper Mining, USA
Challenge and solution


  • Reliability – They needed a door with a proven track record of efficiency and minimal maintenance.
  • Environmental Control – Cold seasonal temperatures and significant airborne dust required a building with positive sealing qualities.

Megadoor provided:

  • 5 Vertical lifting truck access doors 36' × 27' (10.97 × 8.2 m), with a translucent fabric option plus clear PVC vision panels.