Megadoor – Mining: Gold Corp Inc, Mexico
Gold Corp Inc, Zacatecas States, Mexico
Large door installation, Cost efficiency, Energy efficiency

Doors from a climatic perspective.

In 2010, Canadian-based Gold Corp Inc. mining company was looking at door alternatives for the truck maintenance shop at its newest facility, located in Zacatecas State, Mexico. With a projected mine life of 20 years, Gold Corp was looking at products that would meet its needs from a climatic perspective while offering long-term maintenance-free operation.

Megadoor – Mining: Gold Corp Inc, Mexico

Initially there had been some thought that doors would be unnecessary in this subtropical climate, but further study revealed that, due to its altitude the location experienced a wide variety of temperature and humidity. In addition, the desert conditions created possibilities of significant dust infiltration.



  • With its double-layered fabric and positive seals, Megadoor ensures complete atmospheric isolation while in the closed position, thereby reducing energy costs and eliminating dust infiltration.
  • The translucent fabric allows natural light in, reducing electrical costs and increasing worker comfort and productivity.
  • Fast and reliable service due to the innovativeMegadoor design.

Megadoor – Mining: Gold Corp Inc, Mexico
Challenge and solution


  • Reliability – With the mine site far from any subcontractor locations, Gold Corp needed a door with a proven track record of efficiency and minimal maintenance.
  • Environmental Control – Frequent winds stir up dust, which can be problematic for the extensive mechanical maintenanceof haul trucks.

Megadoor provided:

  • 12 Vertical lifting truck access doors 42' × 30' (12.9 m × 9.2 m) with a translucent fabric option.