Megadoor - Aircraft Manufacturing: Boeing Wichita, USA
Aircraft Manufacturing
Boeing Wichita, Kansas, USA
Cost efficiency, Space saving, New hangar door

Megadoor challenge

As part of a new strategy, Boeing began a program of converting passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft. This production effort required that the entire aircraft be disassembled, a procedure which had to be conducted in a totally enclosed structure. The only spot on which this structure could be built was on a ground slope of about four feet. Additionally, every bay of the structure had to have total access, along with other specific engineering criteria. And, to further complicate matters, the project had to be executed in a very cost effective manner and had to be completed within very unusual time constraints

Megadoor solution

Megadoor’s design architect assisted the Boeing architects in developing a very unique structure that would accommodate all the criteria set forth in the initial plan, and would marry the Megadoors to the structure. The entire facility was redesigned to work with the slope of the terrain and to eliminate the need for space consuming pockets needed for sliding doors. Megadoor worked diligently to maintain aesthetic appeal and continuity, and was able to customize the unique Megadoor swing-a-way vertical mullions in order to provide complete access to every bay. In addition, the Megadoor installation professionals were there throughout the installation process to ensure proper installation and function of the doors. The result is a very attractive, cost effective installation — completed within the time frame desired.

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Megadoor - Aircraft Manufacturing: Boeing Wichita, USA