Megadoor – Military Aviation: RAF Valley, UK
Military Aviation:
RAF Valley, UK
Hangar door retrofit, Energy Efficiency, Improve efficency

Old RAF hangar made new again (and better)!

A busy military air station since 1941, RAF Valley needed to replace existing sliding hangar doors on its Gaydon Hangar which, because of their operating difficulty, were often left open for extended periods. The new Megadoor® solution provides better insulation, better weather protection and a better working environment for service crews. It is possible to open only the wider section, allowing access/egress to most aircraft that use the hangar while reducing heat loss.


  • Most aircraft require only one leaf to beopened, reducing heat loss and ensuring an improved service environment for crew..
  • Fast, reliable electrical operation.
  • Long lifetime. Low operating cost.
  • Excellent air tightness and wind resistance
  • Minimal maintenance need. Easy to repair.
  • No floor tracks. Practically no door footprint.
  • Extended warranties are available for up to 10 years on all components.

Megadoor – Military Aviation: RAF Valley, UK
Challenge and solution


  • Fully containable interior environment, to support a wide range of maintenance activities.
  • Flexible use for a wide range of fighter aircraft, as well as large helicopters.
  • Comfortable working temperatures despite the base’s coastal location on the Irish Sea.
  • Energy efficiency.

Megadoor provided:

  • Project and design collaboration with architects, engineers and contractor.
  • Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door, total dimension 22 m wide, comprising two individually or jointly manoeuvrable 7-meter high leaves (10 and 12 m wide respectively), connected by swing-up mullions.
  • Installation and commissioning.