Megadoor – Military Aviation: Qantas, Australia
Military Aviation:
Qantas Engineering, Brisbane, Australia
Hangar door retrofit, Space saving, Improve efficency

Qantas Engineering makes old hangar new and multi-purpose

Commissioned by the Royal Australian Air Force to convert four A330 commercial jets to mid-air refuelers, Qantas Engineering chose to re-furbish an existing doorless Ansett Aviation hangar with fully weather-sealing doors, simultaneously ensuring that the hangar could accommodate other aircraft after the conversion project’s completion.


  • Access across entire hangar width, for full utilisation of hangar capacity.
  • Fast, reliable performance.
  • Long lifetime. Low operating cost.
  • Excellent air tightness and wind resistance.
  • Minimal maintenance need. Easy to repair.
  • No floor tracks. Practically no door footprint.
  • Extended warranties are available for up to 10 years on all components.

Megadoor – Military Aviation: Qantas, Australia
Challenge and solution


  • Fully containable interior environment, to accommodate the extensive overhaul work required.
  • Subsequent use plans to enable hangar to accommodate B747, B777 or two narrowbody aircraft side by side.
  • Tight seal needed to negate the undulating apron area in front of hangar.
  • Independent goalpost frame, to suspend doors on and convey load to existing structure.
  • Flexible use, as well as energy efficiency.
  • Ability for the door to withstand potential cyclonic conditions.

Megadoor provided:

  • Project and design collaboration with architects, engineers and contractor.
  • Megadoor® vertical lifting fabric door, total dimension 77 m wide, comprising five individually or jointly manoeuvrable leaves connected by swing-up mullions. Centre leaf 20 m high. Subsequent leaves each 14 m and 10 m high respectively.
  • Installation and commissioning.