Megadoor – Military Aviation: Jacksonville, USA
Military Aviation:
US Navy, Jacksonville, USA
Hangar safety, LEED certificated, New hangar door

Megadoor helps Mortenson Construction and the US Navy achieve LEED Silver rating by the US Green Building Council

Customer situation
When the US Navy decided to build a new $123 million dollar facility in Jacksonville, Florida, the choice of hangar doors was Megadoor. This was chosen in part because Megadoor can resist the high wind loads found in the local hurricane zone.

Reasons and Impact

With the installation of the selected Megadoor system, the desired goal of a safe working environment for flexible aircraft maintenance operations was achieved.


The objective was to deliver a hangar that was over 950 feet (290 meter) long to enable maintenance of the P3 Orion aircraft while incorporating specific needs for the future MMA (737 frame) replacement aircraft. The building needed to have a good working environment with natural light and to meet the criteria of sustainable design through LEED certification. The doors were designed to resist hurricane-force winds while incorporating translucent panels.


The building was awarded a Silver rating by the US Green Building Council LEED certification program. This was achieved in part by:

  • Translucent panel system to provide natural light.
  • Solar shading
  • Heat-resistant construction

The Design Builder for the project was Mortenson Construction. The designer of record was HNTB, and PACE Collaborative Blue Scope Steel delivered and erected the structure. These partners were very satisfied with collaborating with Megadoor and the delivery of this complex door system on time.

Challenge and solution


  • Clear span of 451 feet and 425 feet (138 and 129 m)
  • Clear height of 51 feet (15,5 m)
  • Engineered for 110 mph wind load
  • Energy efficiency – translucent panels
  • Green Construction with LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification)
  • Flexible operation of maintenance bays

Solution delivered

  • Translucent fabric panels
  • Energy-efficient door panels
  • Vertical opening
  • Egress doors for fire escape
  • ”Delivery” doors incorporated for small vehicle/equipment access so that the entire door doesn’t need to be opened.