Megadoor – MRO: Aeroman, El Salvador
Aeroman, El Salvador
New hangar door, Cost efficiency

Maximizing quality and production by cost-effectively increasing worker comfort in tropical conditions.

Aeroman was established in 1983 to provid support to TACA airlines as well as to provide third-party maintenance services. The company is the leading narrow-body MRO provider and only member of the Airbus MRO Network in Latin America. Aeroman was acquired by Aveos in 2007 and its strategically located facilities in El Salvador are easily accessed by carriers from the US, Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America. They employ 1,500 people and complete over 100 narrow body heavy maintenance checks for customers such as US Airways & Jet Blue.

Megadoor – MRO: Aeroman, El Salvador

In 2008, Aeroman completed phase one of its facility masterplan by building a 2-bay 118,000 sq ft (11,100 sq meter) hangar capable of servicing up to B-757 aircraft. Wood Harbinger Mechanical and Electrical Engineers partnered with Durrant architects on the project and received the Gold Award in 2008 by the American Council of Engineering Companies for their innovative work. Megadoor is proud to have been chosen for the hangar doors on this awardwinning MRO facility over the horizontal sliding doors used on Aeroman’s older hangars.


  • Increased worker comfort and productivity – The Megadoors in combination with the translucent membrane roof and airinduction chimneys cool the occupied areas of the hangar naturally and economically. These features produce a constant stream of air movement that is focused at the hangar’s ground level. In the hot, humid climate of El Salvador, this airflow significantly increases worker comfort and productivity. In addition, the technicians utilize the vertical operating Megadoor as a sun shade to provide relief from the mid-day sun while maintaining ground level ventilation.
  • Reduced electrical and lighting costs – Translucent fabric of the Megadoor and the hangar roof allow technicians to work on aircraft without artificial light during the daytime. This improves worker productivity and reduces electrical and lighting costs.
  • Reduced bird abatement costs – Vertical lift design and unique seals minimize bird infiltration, which is a major problem on the adjacent Aeroman hangar with horizontal bottom rolling doors. Costs associated with bird abatement and clean-up were virtually eliminated.
  • Reliability – Megadoor understands that aircraft movement delays due to door problems can be extremely costly or a matter of national security. This is why we take great pride in providing door systems for world-class MRO’s, rescue and missioncritical military hangars in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Challenge and solution

Critical Issues:

  • Provide an MRO facility that maximizes quality and production by cost-effectively increasing worker comfort in tropical conditions.
  • Provide a low-maintenance and reliable facility that minimizes dependence on foreign support.

Megadoor Provided:

  • Hangar door design and facilitated the structural integration of the door system with the building.
  • Two door systems 142 feet wide × 49 feet high Megadoor consists of three individually operated door leafs and two retractable mullions.
  • Installation and commissioning