Megadoor - Civil Aviation: FedEx Memphis, USA
Civil Aviation
FedEx Memphis, USA
New hangar door

Megadoor challenge

Previous experience between Megadoor and this worldwide organization’s architect was certainly a plus. This new maintenance facility needed to be constructed on a very tight site and must accommodate at least two MD11’s and an Airbus, in Hangar 12 and B-727 Aircraft in Hangar 11. And, aircraft needed to be positioned without opening the entire hangar.

Megadoor solution

Megadoor’s design architect and FSB Designers/Engineers worked together to create this new facility by maximizing the use of the available space. Hangar #11 and #12 were constructed using the unique Megadoor swing-up mullion system to open any individual bay or open the entire hangar. The Megadoors were literally designed into the structure and the need for sliding door pockets was eliminated. The final design of this fast-paced design resulted in considerable savings of space, construction costs and time. The use of Megadoors also resulted in an ongoing maintenance cost reduction for FedEx. Due to the nature of the maintenance work load, 20-30 aircraft pass through the doors on a typical weekend. The hangar is used around the clock, 7 days a week.

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