Megadoor - Civil Aviation: Kerr-McGee; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Civil Aviation
Kerr-McGee, Oklahoma, USA
Hangar door retrofit, Improve efficency

Megadoor challenge

Kerr-McGee is a global energy and inorganic chemical company based in Oklahoma City, OK. The company has an existing hangar that required additional space for fleet upgrades and future additions. The present hangar three leaf steel sliding door allowed an overwhelming infiltration of birds, dust, and air in the facility (see photo1). Many steps were taken to alleviate the problem, but non successful. With the planning of a new facility, the aviation director not only wanted a space for the care and maintenance of the aircraft, but also one that would eliminate the infiltration issues in the existing hangar.

Megadoor solution

Megadoor provided the customer with a single leaf, 90’ wide by 28’ high, hangar door in the new addition. This door, along with addition steps to cover the walls and ceiling, has limited the infiltration of air and dust in the hangar to practically non-existent, and the bird problems are no longer an issue (see photo 2). The Megadoor provides the tightest seal of any hangar door available. The photos shown of the existing sliding door clearly indicate the areas around the doors that can be used by birds and other varmints to enter the hangar. In photo 2, the light seen are from the lighting and the windows in the personnel doors

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