Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Auburn University Regional Airport, USA
Civil Aviation:
Auburn University Regional Airport, USA
New hangar door, space saving

Auburn University gains larger doors on smaller space

The Auburn University Regional Airport (AUO) is a public use facility serving the local community that is owned and maintained by Auburn University. In 2010, a new terminal building was built along with a new hangar for University aircraft as part of a modernization and growth plan. These improvements will help the airport provide better service to the large crowds of people who fly in to attend college football games at Auburn University and serve as an economic tool to help advance the region.

Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Auburn University Regional Airport, USA

The Auburn University hangar is located adjacent to the new terminal building and is the first of four hangars to be built, side by side, on a new ramp. Originally, the corporate style hangar was designed with a 90’ wide, bottom rolling door that stacked into a 15’ wide door pocket inside the hangar. However, the University, with the future in mind, wanted a wider door, able to accommodate larger business jets. A 110’ wide door would provide the flexibility of housing the largest visiting aircraft, potential fleet upgrades, and more value should the University decide to sell or sub-lease the hangar. Since site constraints limited the building width, a wider bottom rolling door was not feasible.

Dye Aviation, the aviation consultant on the project, recommended that the architect and University investigate using a vertically lifting fabric door from Megadoor to solve this issue. The group travelled to Megadoor’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Peachtree City, GA, about 90 minutes from the Auburn Airport to learn more about the door and organization. During the visit, the group met with Megadoor management, inspected the manufacturing facility and reviewed a local hangar door installation. The trip provided the group with the confidence to select a vertical fabric door from Megadoor for their new hangar.


  • Space Savings – The Megadoor requires virtually no side room, enabling architects to maximize door opening widths on the front of aircraft hangars. The Megadoor also allows architects to place individual hangars directly adjacent to each other without the design constraint of door pockets. Lastly, the vertical lifting fabric door does not require a rail system which occupies valuable real estate. Together, these features enable an architect to maximize the return on investment by increasing the amount of leasable hangar space on piece of property.

Auburn University hangar door comparison

Bottom rolling
door and pocket
Clear opening width 90’ (27.4 m) 110’ (33.5 m)
Door system depth 11’ (3.4 m) 2’ (0.6 m)
Floor space occupied 1,155sqft (107.3 m2) 220sqft (20.4 m2)
Interior hangar depth 86’ (26.2 m) 95’ (29.0 m)

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Challenge and solution


  • Build a hangar that accommodates large business jets.
  • Site constraints limited the building width and depth.

Megadoor Provided:

  • Hangar door design and facilitated the structural integration of the door system with the building.
  • 110’ x 28’ (33.5 x 8.5 m) single leaf door.
  • Installation and Commissioning.