Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Premier Jet, USA
Civil Aviation:
Premier Jet, USA
New hangar door, cost efficiency

Premier Jet makes smart long-term investment with Megadoor

Premier Jet is a $33 million, 15-acre complex that includes 19 private executive hangars ranging in size from 3,500–15,000 square feet. The facility is located at McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ), in Carlsbad, California, a short drive north of San Diego. In 2008, Premier Jet was listed as one of the Top 10 Fixed Base Operators (FBO) in the country, according to the readers of Aviation International News (AIN).

Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Premier Jet, USA

Premier Jet is unique, because they are the first to bring the condo concept with 30-year, prepaid, long-term, leases to the aviation community. “Unlike renting, a long-term lease allows a customer to have all the benefits of ownership, including the right to perform upgrades to the property and to re-sell or re-lease,” said Richard Lee Sax, President of Premier Jet.


  • Space Savings – The Megadoor requires virtually no side room, enabling architects to place individual hangars directly adjacent to each other. In addition, the Megadoor operates in a vertical plane, so ramp space in front of hangars can be minimized as compared to hydraulic doors, which require a no parking “safety” zone in front of the hangar door. Together, these features enable an architect to maximize the return on investment by increasing the amount of leasable hangar space on piece of property.
  • Aesthetics – The Megadoor design and clean lines compliment the modern architectural style of the facility. A grey color was chosen for the doors which blends into the façade and provides tenants with privacy.
  • Durability – Megadoors have earned the reputation for working year after year in the world’s harshest environments with minimal maintenance. They are chosen for some of the most remote hangars and mines in the world, far from any specialized door service company. The simple design minimizes moving parts and utilizes high quality components, ensuring long life and minimal ownership costs.

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Challenge and solution


  • Maximize land return on investment – Maximize the amount of leasable square footage on the 15-acre site. Ramp and land space is limited at many of the nation’s airports and costs a premium, especially in Southern California.
  • Aesthetics – Provide a modern, architecturally pleasing facility that will meet the expectations of executive aircraft owners while enhancing the airport and surrounding community.
  • Durability – Minimize life cycle costs over the 30-year leases offered to clients.

Megadoor Provided:

  • Hangar door design and facilitated the structural integration of the door system with the building.
  • (5) 110’ × 27’ 6” (33.8 × 8.4 m)
  • (9) 60’ × 18’ (18.3 × 5.5 m)
  • (5) 48’ × 18’ (14.6 × 5.5 m)