Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Irving Oil, Canada
Civil Aviation:
Irving Oil, Canada
New hangar door, energy efficiency

Weather proof solutions for Irving Oil’s hangar door

Irving Oil is a family-owned and privately-held regional energy processing, transporting, and marketing company headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, with US marketing operations in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With over 7,000 employees, over 700 fueling locations, operations from 13 marine terminals, and a delivery fleet of tractor-trailers, they serve wholesale, commercial, and retail customers in Eastern Canada, Quebec, and New England.

Their old corporate flight operations were housed in a 1950’s era hangar with a door too low to accommodate today’s larger business jets. It was time to build a new modern facility. During the design process, Irving Oil and their general contractor, FCC Construction, visited the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show to learn more about the latest products for their new corporate flight center. During the show, they stopped by all hangar door manufacturer’s booths to better understand which door system would best perform in the cold climate of Saint John. The team was intrigued by the Megadoor concept at the show, but wanted to visit some cold weather installations to see the doors in action and grill the owners on their Megadoor’s performance. First, they flew to Montreal, Canada and met with Bombardier- Dorval’s Facility Manager and discussed the 40+ Megadoors installed at their facility over the last 12 years. Then the group flew to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to tour the Megadoors installed at Port City Air, the FBO they routinely use and the new Alpha Flying facility just down the ramp. The tour confirmed Megadoors benefits over other traditional door systems and gave the team the confidence to incorporate a Megadoor into their new corporate flight operations.


  • Cold Weather Performance – Originally developed near the Arctic Circle, in Northern Sweden, the Megadoor has earned the reputation over the last 30 years as the best cold weather door on the market for large openings. Since Megadoors operate vertically, they do not require floor tracks, required by bottom rolling doors, which commonly fill with ice during winter months, hindering operation. Also, since Megadoors operate vertically in the same plane, you do not need to plow the snow in front of the door before opening it, as required by bi-fold or canopy doors. Ice does not accumulate on the Megadoor exterior surface, like conventional doors, because as the door fabric flexes in the wind or folds during operation, the ice just flakes off. Lastly, the Megadoor will not freeze to the ground like other door systems which can severley damage conventional doors if you try to open them while locked in ice.
  • Energy Efficiency – With over 100 Arctic and Antarctic installations, the Megadoor has proven to be the most energy efficient hangar door in the world. 80 % of energy loss on a closed hangar door is attributed to air infiltration around poor seals. The dramatically superior seals on the Megadoor reduce this air infiltration more than any other door. In addition, the vertically operating Megadoors enable Irving Oil to open the door just enough for aircraft or vehicle movement. With this system, crews do not unnecessarily expose the top of the hangar, releasing all the warm, conditioned air. Together, these features enable a cost effective, climate controlled hangar.
  • Aesthetics – The translucent Megadoor allows a substantial amount of natural light to enter the all white hangar interior creating a warm and cheerful atmosphere even on the gray, cold winter days. The clean lines of the Megadoor compliment the classic arched roof design, distinguishing the facility from the common hangar.

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Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Irving Oil, Canada

Challenge and solution


  • Cold Weather Performance – The door must operate reliably in harsh winter conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency – Cost effectively climate control the hanger in the cold Saint John winters.
  • Aesthetics – The owner wanted a stylish, modern facility that complimented the company’s image.

Megadoor Provided:

  • Hangar door design and facilitated the structural integration of the door system into the building.
  • (1) 110’ x 28’ (33.5 x 8.5 m) Single leaf door system.