Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Galway Airport, Ireland
Civil Aviation:
Galway Airport, Ireland
New hangar door, Improve efficency

Galway Airport adds two new hangars for regional aviation

Galway Airport is an important hub connecting western Ireland with the rest of the country and Europe. To provide better facilities for regional carriers, the airport commissioned construction of two new hangars. Having previously seen Megadoors in operation at another airport, the customer was fully convinced and specified them for the new hangars.

Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Galway Airport, Ireland


  • Access across practically the entire hangar width, for full utilisation of hangar capacity.
  • Fast, reliable performance.
  • Long lifetime. Low operating cost.
  • Excellent air tightness and wind resistance.
  • Minimal maintenance need. Easy to repair.
  • No floor tracks. Practically no door footprint.
  • Extended warranties are available for up to 10 years on all components.

“We are pleased with the new hangar and all its facilities, including the three-section Megadoor, which provides a good seal against the weather, operates quickly and without difficulty, and maximizes the width of the frontal entrance for moving aircraft in and out.”. – Peadar Conroy, Administration Director at Aer Arran

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Challenge and solution


  • Location on Ireland’s west coast, with exposure to high wind loads and salty coastal environment.
  • Frequent opening and closing of hangar doors.
  • Fast opening and closing required.
  • Maximum use of limited land.
  • Flexible use, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.
  • Non-standard hangar door colour.

Megadoor Provided:

  • Project and design collaboration with architects and building contractor.
  • 2 sets of Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors, each 32 m wide, comprising three individually manoeuvrable leaves connected by swing-up mullions. Centre leaf 9.5 m high. Left and right leaves each 6.5 m high.
  • Installation and commissioning.