Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Campbell Soup Company, USA
Civil Aviation:
Campbell Soup Company, USA
Space saving, Hangar door retrofit

Saving space while improving access.

Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality foods in over 120 countries. They have twenty production facilities and 18,000 employees around the world. Headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, they operate a corporate flight department at the nearby New Castle, Delaware airport, which efficiently expedites executives to operations anywhere in the world. The flight department operated a Gulfstream G-IV in their 117’ (35.7 m)-wide hangar. In order to meet the increased international travel demands of the organization, Campbell Soup ordered a new Gulfstream G-550, with a range of 6,750 nautical miles. However, although the hangar was wide enough to accommodate the new aircraft, its access into the hangar was prevented by the rolling door pocket, which restricted the door opening to 90’ (27.4 m).

Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Campbell Soup Company, USA

During the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) tradeshow, we had the opportunity to meet with Jeff Bennett, Director of Flight Operations at Campbell Soup. While he was visiting our company’s booth, we introduced him to the Megadoor system, which could be retrofitted to the building and eliminated the need for a door pocket, thereby providing a door opening that spanned almost the entire width of the hangar. Jeff and his team immediately saw the potential benefits of this solution, but, in order to become more familiar with the Megadoor concept, quality and organization, we invited them over for a visit and tour of Megadoor Americas’ headquarters and manufacturing facility. The group flew into the Atlanta Regional Airport (KFFC), adjacent to Megadoor, for about three hours of meetings and tours, which included the opportunity to review an almost identical hangar installation, at the local airport. This allowed them to become fully confident in the benefits presented by the Megadoor solution and, to make things better, they were able to fly home in time for dinner with their families.


  • Cost Savings – By utilizing the space-saving features of the vertical lifting Megadoor, the flight department was able to modify their existing hangar to accommodate their new, larger aircraft. This retrofit plan was significantly less expensive than building a new corporate flight department and relocating operations.
  • Energy Efficiency – Campbell Soup chose a 3-part Megadoor over one single door spanning 110’ (33.5 m), in order to minimize conditioned air loss from small vehicles, such as tugs and service trucks, entering the hangar. This setup allows one door leaf to be quickly opened to just above the vehicle’s height then quickly closed, thus resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Aesthetics – The existing flight operations center was over 30 years old and undergoing a facelift at the same time as the door retrofit. It was important to the client that the hangar door retrofit blend in with the building and that the door complement the overall aesthetics of the facility.

Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Campbell Soup Company, USA

Megadoor – Civil Aviation: Campbell Soup Company, USA
Challenge and solution

Critical issues:

  • Newly ordered G-550 aircraft with a 98’ (29.9 m) wingspan would not fit through the existing door opening.
  • Site constraints limited expansion.

Megadoor provided:

  • Hangar door design and facilitation of the structural integration of the door system into the building.
  • A 110’-wide x 28’ (8.5 m)-high door system consisting of three individually operated door leafs and two retractable mullions.
  • Installation and commissioning.