Megadoor Achievements Collage


Largest order

Largest Megadoor order

ADAT Dubai (aviation)

3 sets of 5-section doors.

Total dimensions per door (meters): 115 wide x 26 high

Delivered 2009-2010

Largest single door

Largest Megadoor single door

Fincantieri, Italy (shipyard)

Dimensions (meters): 38 wide x 24 high

Widest multiple-section door

Widest Megadoor multiple-section door

Gameco, China (aviation)

Dimensions (meters): 145 wide x 26 high

Most advanced door

Most advanced door

Qatar Airways, Doha (aviation)

Dimensions (meters): 144 wide x 26 high

Door with most windows

Door with most windows

Eurogate, Hamburg (logistics)

Container truck maintenance workshop. 3 doors.

Dimensions (meters): 12 wide x 17 high. 72 windows in each door.

Most doors in one order

Most doors in one Megadoor order

Al Dhafra Airbase, Dubai

60 doors, each measuring (meters) 16 wide x 7 high

Hottest location

Hottest Megadoor location

Kuwait Coast Guard base (naval)

Average summertime temp,:41°C. Highest measured temp.: 51°C

2 doors, each measuring (meters) 17 wide x 22 high

Coldest location

Coldest Megadoor location

Fort Wainwright, Alaska (military aviation)

Average winter temperatures: –60°C

11 doors, each measuring (meters) 22 wide x 7 high

Wettest location

Wettest Megadoor location

Jorgen Jeppesen AS, Hirtshals, Denmark (floating drydock)

1 door, measuring (meters) 18 wide x 30 high

Driest location

Driest Megadoor location

Collahuasi Mine, Atacama, Chile (mining). This area has been a desert for millions of years.

12 sets of System 1000 doors. Dimensions (meters): 12 wide x 9 high.

Deepest location

Deepest Megadoor location

Boliden AB, Kristineberg, Sweden (mining)

Several doors 4 x 4 meter doors installed at 690 meters’ depth

Most unusual installation

Most unusual Megadoor installation

Boeing, Seattle (aviation)

1 door – dimensions (meters): 27 wide x 9 high – which opens downwards instead of upwards.

Windiest location

Windiest Megadoor location

Cow Head, Newfoundland, Canada (offshore oil industry – maintenance and service facilities)

2 doors, measuring respectively (meters) 17 wide x 17 high and 17 wide x 25 high

Northernmost location

Northernmost Megadoor location

Spetsbergen (Svalbard), Norway (mining)

4 standard doors. Dimensions (meters): 3.6 wide x 4.15 high.

Southernmost location

Southernmost Megadoor location

Terre Adélie, Antarctica (scientific research – aircraft hangar)

1 door. Dimensions (meters): 23 wide x 6 high.

Why Megadoor Why Megadoor

Design flexibility, robust construction, reliability and safety. Regardless of environment or weather conditions – these are four of the many reasons to choose Megadoor.

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How it works How it works

Megadoor operation is easy and trouble-free. It stands up to the worst weather conditions and still provides excellent insulation and just keeps on working.

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